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19 Unbelievable Doctor Who Products You Can Actually Buy – Part 2

Raggedy Fan’s Round-Up of the 19 most incredible and unbelievable Doctor Who themed things you can actually buy.

Ranging from college-kid-affordable to the skies the limit. In no particular order, here we go!


Dalek Helmet

What it is

A fully functioning Dalek helmet with voice changer. Walk around behind a short wall with just your helmet visible, see how that works out. Heck, this thing is so cool you can just keep it around as a show piece.

Why Its So Cool

These are becoming extremely rare. This might be the last one you ever find on sale.

Buy it for $279.99

Jack Harkness RAF Coat

What it is

This jacket is a nearly spot-on replica of the RAF coat Jack wore in the show. Right down to the brass RAF buttons. Slip this piece on and become the ultimate libido machine.

Why Its So Cool

This thing is so suave you could wear it as your favorite jacket even if you never watched Doctor Who or Torchwood.

Buy it for $299.99

Tardis and Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

What it is

These two shakers are shaped like the Tardis and a Dalek. Presumably you’ll be putting your pepper in the Dalek but the choice is yours. What isn’t your choice is how awesome dinner just became when you get to add a few dashes of Tardis to every meal.

Why Its So Cool

The next time you invite a Whovian over for dinner you’re going to score massive points without having to say a word.

Buy it for $17.99

Handles Replica

What it is

The friendliest Cyberman head ever has been recreated in this full scale model. This replica is ready to go home with a Doctor Who collector that wants to display it in all it’s glory.

Why Its So Cool

Handles was technically the Doctor’s longest serving companion at over 300 years and this thing looks like it took just as long to get all the details right.

Buy it for $126.98

Tardis Flask

What it is

This blue flask is laser etched with a Tardis to make it officially the coolest way to try to sneak alcohol into a concert. If you love Doctor Who and have a mundane flask get yourself this stainless steel masterpiece.

Why Its So Cool

It’s the most eye-popping way to carry around booze where ever it’s legal to do so.

Buy it for $25.00

Tardis Dart Board Cabinet

What it is

We’re talking a dart board cabinet complete with dry erase board, dart holder and mounting hardware that looks like a Tardis. Made with an attention to detail you won’t find many places, if you’re an avid dart player you’re not going to find a nicer cabinet than this.

Why Its So Cool

For the build quality alone these are worth it. Made one at a time by one guy in a shop in Eugene Oregon, these are built the old fashion way and last long enough for the Doctor to buy one for his Tardis.

Buy it for $275.00

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