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19 Unbelievable Doctor Who Products You Can Actually Buy – Part 3

Raggedy Fan’s Round-Up of the 19 most incredible and unbelievable Doctor Who themed things you can actually buy.

Ranging from college-kid-affordable to the skies the limit. In no particular order, here we go!


Dalek Replica

What it is

This high quality replica of a Dalek is a 1:1 scale model. It breaks down into 3 pieces so you can take it to your next convention. For an extra fee you can change the color, add a voice box and throw some lights on the thing.

Why Its So Cool

You can go inside! This thing fits up to a 6 foot tall person but I bet if you’re 6’1″ and really persistent you could get in there.

Buy it for $500.00

Stemless Wine Glasses

What it is

Avoid the stem. Those things break all the time. Instead pick up these Doctor Who themed stemless wineglasses. Tons of choices, you’re sure to find some that you suddenly can’t picture your cabinets without.

Why Its So Cool

These are the wineglasses you would have made had you thought of them. It’s like good lyrics to a song. And the Don’t Forget glass. Yeah, when you tip that puppy up you get an extra surprise that you’ll forget every time you put the glass back down.

Check out the whole range $12.00-21.00

Tardis Pillow Case

What it is

This 17″x17″ gem is a slick way to cover up some of those nasty stained pillows on your couch. Made by hand with the coolest blue backgrounds on any Tardis themed pillow case, this one is somehow geeky and classy all at the same time.

Why Its So Cool

One or two pillow cases and viola! A dead simple way to spice up the style of your house.

Buy it for $20.00

Victorian Tardis Dress

What it is

Another one-of-a-kind offer. There’s so much to say about this Tardis dress that you have to click through to read about all the goodies. Needless to say, it’s an amazing dress that comes with the hat, corset, pouch, pocket watch and more.

Why Its So Cool

This very dress won the “Best in Show” award at Anomalycon 2015. And it deserved it.

Buy it for $1199.99

Weeping Angel Plushie

What it is

This hand made plushie doll of a weeping angel is made with all the care in the world. From the beautiful faux stone finish to the vicious fang filled face. This is the creepiest cute thing that ever happened.

Why Its So Cool

It’s poseable! Don’t tell any one though. Just occasionally change it’s pose from covering its eyes to all out quantum rage when no ones looking.

Buy it for $200.00

Ultimate 6th Doctor Cosplay Dress

What it is

This jaw dropping Doctor Who cosplay dress is fashioned after the outfit of the 6th Doctor. Jacket, shirt, necktie and corset included. If you’re a fan of Colin Baker’s incarnation and need something incredible to wear to your next party or convention than this is the outfit for you.

Why Its So Cool

This will be tailored to fit you like you glove. A Time Lady glove of color and pizazz.

Buy it for $575.00

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