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19 Unbelievable Doctor Who Products You Can Actually Buy – Part 1

Raggedy Fan’s Round-Up of the 19 most incredible and unbelievable Doctor Who themed things you can actually buy.

Ranging from college-kid-affordable to the skies the limit. In no particular order, here we go!


K-9 Replica

What it is

This is a carefully designed replica of the most awesome dog in the Doctor Who universe. Made of metal and Foamex for an authentic and light weight collectible. After searching high and low this puppy was the most convincing replica we’ve ever seen.

Why Its So Cool

So much care was taken to create an authentic replica that even the nose and eye radars extend, just like in the show.

Buy it for $396.83

Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

What it is

This is a remote that can control almost all your electronics. It’s not some flimsy thing. This sucker is made of metal and has 39 programmable functions and it even has a sound FX mode for making all those cool sounds that it should make.

Why Its So Cool

Cause it’s GESTURE based! Yeah, just like the real Sonic. Twist and flick this thing around to turn on your TV and start watching some Who.

Buy it for $94.95

Tardis Door Wrap

What it is

This thing covers your stupid boring door to make it an awesome power-nerd door. Made of vinyl so it resists fading and wear over time. Covers your standard 31″x79″ door.

Why Its So Cool

This thing can be removed without leaving any residue and then taken with you to your next place and put on your new door. You could have this thing practically for life.

Buy it for $70.00

Autographed David Tennant 8×10

What it is.

This is an autographed 8″x10″ photo of the actor who played the 10th Doctor. Signed by David Tennant personally, this thing now needs a wall to call home.

Why Its So Cool.

If you’re a fangirl, you get to have something David Tennant touched on your wall! If you have a crush on a fangirl then putting this up on your wall will be the slickest move you ever made.

Buy it for $150.00

Radio Controlled Davros

What it is

Davros is the evil Kelad scientist who invented the Daleks. You may think Kaled is Dalek spelled backwards but it’s actually the other way around. This little motorized bugger has full motion controls so he can go forward, backward, left, and right, unlike other crappy toys you’ve accidentally bought in the past.

Why Its So Cool

If you own a cat this is the ultimate thing to freak them out. It’s a full foot tall and actually yells out some of Davros’s phrases with the push of a button.

Buy it for $149.99

Supreme Dalek Wedding Dress

What it is

This dress takes Dalek fashion to the next level. With a light up LED headband and bouquet of wires this is the most insanely awesome Dalek themed dress in existence.

Why Its So Cool

This is a one off. You own it, you’re the only one to own it. Oh, and it took honorable mention at the Her Universe Fashion Show.

Buy it for $3500.00

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