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7 Mind Bending Doctor Who Facts

7 amazing Doctor Who facts

Raggedy Fan’s 7 Mind Bending Doctor Who Facts

Kick your Whovian brain cells into high gear and impress all your friends with your in depth knowledge of the most incredible and mind bending facts about Doctor Who!



The Silence were originally priests for naked people

doctor and clara walk past the silence
What are those things?

Wait… what?

Yup the creepy rulers of the mankind, and probably many other species, originally just wanted to hear your confessions. In the season 6 special ‘The Time of the Doctor’ Clara and the Doctor walk past a few Silents in the Papal Mainframe (a church where you are not allowed to wear clothes) and a naked Clara asks “What are those things?” to which the naked Doctor replies “Professional priests, very popular, genetically engineered so you forget everything you tell them.” However, don’t go looking for the naked scene, they have holographic projections of clothes on 🙁


Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who

How did I never notice!?

New Who all started in secret. When Russell T. Davies was filming the first series of the revived Doctor Who in 2005, they labelled all the series tapes Torchwood to keep anyone else, even others in the BBC, from finding out Doctor Who was back in production. Later when the opportunity came for a spin-off, Davies liked the anagram so much he decided to use it.


In France, 9 and 10 were voiced by the same actor

david manet french voice actor and voice for doctor who incarnations 9 and 10
Did they still use the French catch phrase Allons-Y?

Let’s Go!

The dubbing of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant was done by the same voice actor, David Manet. Apparently voice actors don’t need to regenerate as often as physical actors in France.


The highest rated episode of Doctor Who was City of Death

tom baker in front of the eiffel tower
a scarf built for two

And that’s with a smaller population

Featuring the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, this episode drew over 16 million viewers. The second highest ever is Voyage of the Damned with David Tennant and was watched by 13.31 million viewers.


Matt Smith didn’t want to be Doctor Who, he wanted to be Doctor Watson

matt smith and benedict cumberbatch in front of 221b
elementary my dear Smith

The Baker Street irregulars

Matt Smith was trying out for the role of Watson for an upcoming show called Sherlock but after seeing him audition Moffat decided he was more Sherlock than Watson. Unfortunately, the role of Sherlock had already been filled by one Benedict Cumberbatch. Matt Smith went home empty handed. However, Moffat decided he just might make a good Doctor instead. Take a moment to appreciate how close we came to having Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith running around London solving crimes.


Amy’s last name, Pond, was invented to create the connection between her and River Song

karen gillan and alex kingston together
she got the curls cause she has a time head

That pesky Moffat is always one step ahead

Steven Moffat had intended from the beginning that River Song was to be a recurring character. He already knew that she would be the Doctor’s future companion’s child long before Karen Gillan ever got cast in the show as Amy. While many Whovians suspected River was either the Doctor’s future wife, the child of Amy and Rory or the one who would kill the Doctor, few if any suspected out she was actually all three.


K-9 was originally going to be called FIDO

k-9 was originally going to be called FIDO
Why does it looked so… disco?


Many of us can’t imagine that cute squarish robot named anything other than K-9 but his original name was actually going to be FIDO. FIDO stood for Phenomenal Indication Data Observation, which means it really should have almost been named PhIDO but who’s counting eggs that never hatched.

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