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RaggedyFan.com has quickly become where Whovians shop. How did we get there so fast? We are an affiliate site and as such we’re able to bring together all the best Doctor Who merchandise from around the entire planet in to one location.

We scour the web for the Doctor Who products that are best sellers, best reviewed or stuff we think is down right cool. Then we make sure we have the cheapest price we can find and we also ensure the product meets our high standard of quality of construction, rave reviews and that special something that makes it something worthy of putting in Raggedy Fan.

Whether you are searching for the hottest popular products or the most fantastic niche and handmade Doctor Who stuff, you only need to make one stop and that ‘s Raggedy Fan.

We also carry ultra mega merchandise such as replicas and one of a kind creations aimed at high end collectors and enthusiasts. Take a look at our wide and eclectic selection and see for yourself why RaggedyFan.com is where Whovians shop.

We are an affiliate site and do make a percentage off most of the items we sell in the store.

Interested in writing a story about us? We’d love to answer your questions or help in any way we can. Just contact us at: holly@raggedyfan.com

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