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Christmas Crackers

Caspari Celebration Crackers, 12-1/2-Inch, Sweater Party Theme


  • 12-1/2″ inch crackers
  • 6 per box
  • Each cracker contains one trinket, a tissue crown and a joke
  • Not one of the boring ones with a poem
  • Perfect for Doctor Who Christmas party



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Product Description

What it is

Celebrate the Wholidays like the Doctor and his companions always do; with some Christmas Crackers! This pack of six packs one extremely corny joke that will keep you slightly smiling for seconds. Also included is a tiny toy that will probably go flying behind the couch when you crack it open and also the icon paper crown! The crackers are 12-1/2-inches long and 6 come per box. Great for all ages from kid to kidult.

Why Its So Cool

You’ll get to wear a paper crown while you watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special!

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