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Dalek Replica Life Size

dalek replica full size

Life size Dalek 1:1 Replica

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Impressive life sized 1:1 scale replica of a Dalek. Able to house a full-sized adult and ready to be a smash hit at your next convention. This Dalek can be customized for an additional fee with an electronic voice box, LED lights or different color. The Dalek breaks down into 3 pieces to aid in transportation. A FANtastic choice to bring along to the next con or a massively special collectible for serious Whovians. These are constructed to order so don’t wait til you absolutely need one to order it as the process for something this amazing takes time. If you own a Tardis that isn’t a problem but most of us should take that in to consideration.

  • Handmade item
  • Made to order



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