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DIY Weeping Angel Ideas

A Raggedy Fan Quick List of Things You Need If You’re Putting Together Your Own DIY Weeping Angel Costume

This isn’t a guide to making your costume, this is for people looking to get a few more of the pieces they need to design an awesome Halloween costume this year!


weeping angel robe

You’re gonna need a robe.

What do Jesus and Weeping Angels have in common? They both have a thing for robes. This robe is a great addition to your Weeping Angel costume.

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weeping angel robe deluxe

Or a more deluxe robe if you prefer.

Wear’em and weep, the deluxe robe takes your Weeping Angel costume to the next level.

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weeping angel mask

Creep them out with the mask.

If you haven’t thought about the need for a mask for your Weeping Angel costume you’re either ready to be a Hollywood FX guru or you really haven’t thought this through..

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weeping angel costume wings

Your angel needs its wings.

These all white wings are easy to wear with a strap and add that special something to your Weeping Angel costume.

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weeping angel spray texture

If you don’t like it, change it.

Great for any surfaces you need to look like stone. Depending on how your putting your costume together this can go a long way to painting some of the parts and pieces of your Weeping Angel costume and giving it that authentic winning look..

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weeping angel fabric dye

Dye it grey.

Turn an old white sheet you have lying around the house grey and make it into a high end part to your amazing Weeping Angel costume.

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