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Doctor Who Chess Set

Doctor Who Chess Set – Game Board with 3D Lenticular Images of Doctor Who Characters

  • 3D lenticular pieces of your favourite characters
  • 32 chess pieces range from 2 inches to 3 inches tall
  • Characters viewable from both sides
  • Officially Licensed
  • Collectible
  • For Ages 5+


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Product Description

What it is

The ancient game of chess meets Doctor Who in this 3D lenticular chess set. Featuring both heroes and villains, this set makes a great gift for any chess master looking for a Doctor Who themed board game. Each of the 32 pieces is highly detailed and becomes animated when moved. That’s the power of lenticular. Outsmart your frenemy to see who is the wisest in the universe.


Why Its So Cool

Play the ultimate battle of wits with a game that has been around longer than the Doctor! It’s evolved for 1500 years if you must know.

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