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Doctor Who Monopoly – Regeneration Edition

Doctor Who Monopoly – Regeneration Edition

  • Includes the Twelfth Doctor
  • 6 exclusive tokens
  • Makes Monopoly out of this world
  • Ages 8 to adult


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Product Description

What it is

Go on a regeneration adventure with the Doctor Who Monopoly Regeneration Edition! Play through the final days of the 11th Doctor all the way to the first days of the 12th Doctor. Includes all the characters from the 50th anniversary special and the winter regeneration. Features 6 brand new playing pieces: A Fez, The TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, UNIT badge, River’s diary and the Moment. Instead of property you try to collect all the characters, from Osgood and Kate Stewart to all the Doctors and many of the enemies! The money contains Gallifreyan symbols and the houses are the bluest blue. Rule the galaxy playing the Doctor Who version of the greatest board game on Earth. Find any Doctor Who Board Games you’re looking for right here.


Why Its So Cool

Spend the night enveloped in the world of Doctor Who while playing Monopoly at the same time!

doctor who monopoly regeneration edition game board view

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