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Doctor Who Abbey Road Tee

Doctor Who Abbey Road Mashup T-Shirt

  • Navy blue
  • 100% cotton
  • Beatles meets Doctor Who
  • Inspired by the Abbey Road album cover


*prices may fluctuate, click for actual price.

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Product Description

What it is

The highly iconic album cover of the Beatles meets the modern lore of Doctor Who in this incredibly smart and cool Doctor Who T-shirt. The Beatles and Doctor Who come together for something so powerful it’s like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer came down while everyone was yelling “Oh, Darling. We have to hide in the octopus’s garden!” Looking at the shirt makes you think “I want you.” Wrapping yourself up in this 100% cotton dream shirt all night will make you stay up so late that just when the night is winding down, here comes the sun. Because the shirt is such a medley of wonderful things it would most likely be worn by her majesty if she knew it existed.

A TARDIS is releasing a Dalek, Cyberman, Silent and Weeping Angel onto the crosswalk.

Why Its So Cool

Enjoy the perfect blend of two awesomely British things.

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