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Doctor Who Baby Carrier

Doctor Who Baby Carrier, Cotton Linen Baby Sling

  • Handmade item
  • Waist Belt Type: Full Tie
  • Materials: Cotton Batting, cotton bottomweight, Plastic Buckle, Heavy Duty Webbing, Cotton Linen Canvas
  • Ships Worldwide from US


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Product Description

What it is

Keep your baby close at hearts with this adorable Doctor Who baby carrier. The design is a Victorian style scroll work with Doctor Who symbolism throughout. A mixture of Tardis blue and baby blue, this baby carrier is a gorgeous way to carry around the ol’ Stormageddon. The inside straps are double layered 100% cotton. There is cotton batting in the padded areas to make this something comfortable to wear and lower pressure on stress points.

Why Its So Cool

Great care was taken to make this baby sling as comfortable as possible for extended wear.

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