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Doctor Who Clue

Doctor Who Clue Board Game

  • Classic Clue game play with a Doctor Who Twist
  • 6 Custom Weapons: Lipstick, Sonic Screwdriver, Vortex Manipulator, Strax Gun, Clara Cyber man Gun, The Moment
  • 6 Suspect include Amy & Rory Pond, Strax, Clara, Jenny, River Song and Madame Vastra
  • Game Board features famous planets visited by The Doctor


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Product Description

What it is

Classic Clue has been reborn! The premise is simple (no, it’s Doctor Who, nothing is simple.) You see the Doctor has been kidnapped by the Daleks. One of his close friends has murdered another because they were mind-controlled to do it by the Daleks. Now, you have to solve the case to save the Doctor! What weapon did they use? Who used it? And where did it all go down? These are the questions you will answer as you try to save the Doctor from the menace of the Daleks.

Check out all the Doctor Who Board Games we carry. Seriously, you can get pretty much any board game in a Doctor Who theme.


Why Its So Cool

Getting to say things like “Clara killed River on Gallifrey with Strax’s gun”

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