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Dress Tardis Her Universe Costume


TARDIS Dress Doctor Who Her Universe Costume

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Get in on some extreme fashion with one of the cutest Tardis dresses we’ve ever seen. Be the hit of any Whovian party or just enjoy the love and comfort this 95% cotton dress can bring. Made in the USA and ready to transport you into Doctor Who fandom!

$34.50 – $41.99

Shop our surprising line of Doctor Who clothes for girls and wear something amazing to your next outing.



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3 thoughts on “Dress Tardis Her Universe Costume

  1. […] out what all the latest whovians are wearing. This dress is cute and stylish and very affordable over at And if you need a purse […]

  2. That is one of the cutest Tardis dresses ever! So glad I stumbled here

  3. […] The snazziest headband around and a brilliant piece for a TARDIS Halloween costume. Rock out with your light out with a TARDIS headband that includes batteries and lights up. Make your Doctor Who costume a sensation whether you’re sitting home alone hoping no kids knock on the door as you eat a bunch of fun sized candy bars or if you’re out on the town in a saucy TARDIS dress. […]

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