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Lunch Box Tardis Limited Edition Tin Tote


Doctor Who Limited Edition TARDIS Tin Tote Lunch Box

  • 7″x8.5″x4″

Doctor Who Tardis Tin Tote Lunchbox. Bring your lunch to school in a mini-Tardis! Limited Edition so it’s perfect for collectors too! The Tardis lunchbox makes a great gift for any kid that can’t get enough Doctor Who. Become the coolest Whovian in class with this collectable Doctor Who lunchbox.


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One thought on “Lunch Box Tardis Limited Edition Tin Tote

  1. Put a sandwich right in it and it worked. I’ll be using it to put more sandwiches and snacks in for a few hours at a time before eating them. I think it’s going to do that job nicely. Not sure what else it’s good for.

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