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Tardis Cookie Jar Lights Sounds

tardis cookie jar with lights and sound

Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar Lights and Sounds

  • Features light and sound effects
  • Activated by pushing the lamp or closing the lid
  • Tardis with cookies inside (you supply the cookies)

Do you like cookies? Do you like the Tardis? Now, imagine putting cookies in a Tardis. That’s what this little piece of Doctor Who merchandise excels at. It has sights and sounds to make the experience of eating a cookie kinda like traveling around and riding dinosaurs on a spaceship.

Now picture dipping those cookies in a Tardis mug.


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2 thoughts on “Tardis Cookie Jar Lights Sounds

  1. Can’t figure out if I’d rather put my cat or some cookies in that thing

  2. Oh that looks like my kitty when she was young! I’d have to get a bigger cookie jar now 😛

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