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Doctor Who to become Hollywood movie according to Wikileaks

Doctor Who on the big screen? Is this for real?

doctor who movie


A lot of this information is based on leaked emails from Sony and may or may not be true or even come to fruition. Reader be ware take this with a grain of salt.


BBC has plans for the hit sci-fi TV show to hit the big screen.

Plans in place to continue growth of franchise.

Director of BBC Television, Danny Cohen, plans to expand past the television show and onto the silver screen in an eight year plan to keep the franchise growing.

bbc worldwide

Profit-making force BBC Worldwide putting pressure on idea.

BBC Worldwide is the driving force behind the idea. In consideration is the large amount of interest among fans to see this come to light.

steve moffat

The writing staff for the show is not fully on board.

The show’s writers think “their position on it is not being listened to or accepted”

Very little hard information is available at this time but hold tight Whovians, you may get to see your favorite Time Lord in theatres some time withing the next few years.

Is a Doctor Who movie a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know in the comments below.



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One thought on “Doctor Who to become Hollywood movie according to Wikileaks

  1. MMMmmmm, yeah I wanna see the movie. Will they have to make sure the show isn’t as good as the movie? Will it take focus away from the show? Mmmmm, maybe I don’t want a movie.

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