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Doctor Who merchandise is spreading across America like a Dalek invasion.

SANTA MONICA, July 30, 2015 — The Brits are invading America once again. This time they are coming with a Time Traveling alien that goes simply by the name of the Doctor and they’re bringing his merchandise with them.

doctor who ratings in US

With the BBC show Doctor Who gaining more and more popularity among US households it was only a matter of time before boutique shops started sprouting up to meet the demand for toys and shirts.

One such shop is the online store

Raggedy Fan specializes in gathering together the most popular Doctor Who merchandise you’d expect to see in an online store as well as high end one-of-a-kinds like a $3500 Dalek wedding dress. Because the site takes an affiliate marketing approach it’s able to carry a wide range of products that could never be carried by a sole supplier. All the products displayed are inspected and researched by the team to meet specific criteria of quality, popularity and a level of just down right coolness.

“In a very short time we’ve become the place where Whovians,” thats what Doctor Who fans are called, “in the US have started shopping for their merchandise online.” says the sites design manager Alan Ushin.

“The choice to start selling Doctor Who products was an easy one,” states social marketer Holly Graham, “we love the show and judging by it’s online fanbase we saw it as a tremendous growth market.”

Whovians have taken over large swaths of tumblr and many other social networks creating a constant buzz about the series. The revival in 2005 of the 50 year old show has brought a slew of new eyeballs and with those eyeballs have come fans wanting to purchase the latest gear and show off their love for the hit BBC sci-fi show.

Expect to pass by more and more people on the streets wearing shirts that proclaim bizarre catchphrases like “Don’t Blink” and “Bowties are Cool”. It seems Doctor Who is here to stay.



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doctor who ratings in US

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