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RISK: Doctor Who

Doctor Who RISK: Dalek Invasion of Earth

  • You are the Daleks!
  • Features Doctors from 50 years
  • Choose from 5 Dalek paradigms
  • Conquer Earth before the Doctor can stop you
  • For 2 to 5 players


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Product Description

What it is

Invade Earth with your own Dalek army! Choose from one of 5 armies as you descend onto the planet to reek havoc and gain control of 42 territories. Classic and new paradigm Daleks are prepared for the ultimate war. The ultimate strategy game comes to life in this epic Doctor Who board game. Beware as the Doctor does his best to fend off your extermination. The Doctor will free a new piece of territory every turn and if he reaches his final regeneration then you have lost. Collect power cards to make your army even more dangerous than your opponent. Outwit your friends and gain ultimate control!

Why Its So Cool

The ultimate strategy board game meets Doctor Who in a thrilling battle for Earth!

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