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The Hidden Secrets of Raggedy Fan number #3

congratulationshatchlingCongratulations! You found the 3rd Easter Egg. There are 9 more eggs hidden throughout the site. We’ll give you a hint on where to find the next one. Try clicking on the Call Box sign in the sidebar. Can you find them all?

This is egg number egg 3


Welcome to this alternate reality. This crack in the universe. Things a different here but no one can say just why.

Ready for completely random things you can get to gear up like the 11th Doctor from the episode in which he discovered his love for the fez? Here’s some of the strange secret things you can buy.

First you’ll need a mop!

Then you’ll need a vortex manipulator

A fez would help, obvioulsy (you’ll have to ignore the product image, that’s just the way he is)

And a mop, can’t forget that

That’s 2 mops now. I told you, things get weird down here.

Oh, and there’s always room for custard. Yeah, custard.

Why no fish sticks? Cause this is an online store! Do you have any idea how rancid the fish sticks would be by the time they got to you? You’re gross.

That’s it for this easter egg. Go have a ball finding the rest and shopping through all our merch. we really took our time to pick out only the coolest stuff for Whovians. Ciao for now!












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