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Doomsday Set 10th Dalek & Cyberman

Underground Toys Doctor Who Doomsday Boxed Set 10th Doctor with Dalek & Cyberman

  • Includes 10th Doctor, Cyberman, and Black Dalek
  • Based on the ‘Doomsday’ episode
  • For ages 5 and up
  • Relative Dimensions in Space: 5″ tall


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Product Description

What it is

Prepare for ‘Doomsday‘ with the Doctor Who Action Figure set based on the infamous episode of that name. Complete with Cyberman, black Dalek and Ten sporting his cool 3D shades and Sonic Screwdriver. All figures stand 5 inches tall and are highly detailed. Made for collectors and kids alike, this is a Doctor Who toy any fan will love.


Why Its So Cool

Are those 3D glasses what originally inspired the Sonic Sunglasses?

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