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Van Gogh TARDIS Shirt

Van Gogh exploding TARDIS T-Shirt

  • Van Gogh exploding TARDIS design
  • Navy blue shirt
  • 100% cotton


*prices may fluctuate, click for actual price.

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Product Description

What it is

The famous exploding TARDIS painting from the episode “Vincent and the Doctor” is on full display on this amazing Doctor Who T-Shirt. All of time and space is fracturing. Things and people are disappearing inside not just to be lost but to be forgotten. The universe needs to be completely rebooted and this painting holds the key to understanding the whole convoluted dilemma.  Set on a navy blue t-shirt to properly compliment the color scheme of the design, this shirt howls with Whovanity!


Why Its So Cool

A shirt to signify one of the most touching Doctor Who episodes ever to air.

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