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War Doctor Action Figure With Moment

Underground Toys Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor The War Doctor, 5- Inch Action Figure

  • Based on the War Doctor played by John Hurt
  • Dynamic Factory Display Package
  • Includes Alternate Head and Accessories including the Moment
  • Dr. Who Collectible
  • Relative Dimensions in Space: 5″ tall


*prices may fluctuate, click for actual price.

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Product Description

What it is

This 5″ tall Doctor Who Action Figure is none other than the darkest Doctor. A Doctor so dark he threw away his title as the Doctor and went on to fight in the Time War. Action figure comes with an alternate head just like River Song’s Auton. Package is display quality and includes the War Doctor, the Moment and an alternate head because two heads are better than one. Accurate and highly detailed. Perfect for collectors and kids who love Doctor Who.


Why Its So Cool

Now it’s your chance, will you use the Moment and stop the Time War!

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